In Which Karth Doesn’t Fall For Fearmongering

We visit Health Sciences Institute once more after their “Hillary Meltdown” “exposé” “message”. Now they’re back and from the looks of it, defaming China. Furthermore, who is “blocking” these “shocking” videos?


Even Navi is calling shenanigans.


In Which Karth Enforces The First Law of Thermodynamics

The crackpots at an address in California claim to have discovered free energy or something of the sort. Can a “super simple blueprint” reduce your electric bill to zero? Of course not. Unless these people are sitting on some otherwise unknown alien technology.


So unless the blueprints just say “Cover your roof and every last square foot of your yard in solar panels,” I ain’t buying it. Wouldn’t buy it if they really did say that either. ‘Cause I can’t afford that many solar panels.

Pictured: The Death Of A Message Board

I’ve been a lurker on The Escapist’s message boards for near ten years now (though I do have a three-digit post count there). It pains me to see it get overrun by spambots, but their posting and account creation policies didn’t do them any favors.


Any usernames not redacted belong to spambots, only innocent forumites get their names redacted. No other markups here, this image is simply to be pitied.

In Which Karth Vetoes Spamcare

Prescription drugs can be ludicrously expensive; everybody knows that. But surely there are better ways to get them affordably. And surely these ways include tables formatted by someone who knows how to align elements. Also, advertisements for prescriptions should NOT use the word “meds.”


PS: Female Viagra is still known as filbanserin. Female Cialis is still tadalafil (and the jury is still out on its efficacy, I believe).